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The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)'s collections-based work,
exhibitions and image library are kindly supported by Rolex.


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Councillor Frank Ross presenting Michael Palin with a framed Britain from the Air image of Arthur's seat that was featured in the exhibition.

Britain from the Air is a stunning collection of over 100 large scale images by Britain's foremost photographers, developed jointly by Wecommunic8 and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

An opportunity to celebrate, explore and be inspired by our small island, the Britain from the Air street gallery encourages visitors to learn more about and enjoy Britain's most breathtaking and thought provoking environments

From coastal erosion and abandoned villages to transport networks and the growth of our cities, Britain from the Air, combines the beauty and abstract contours of these landscapes with their stories; inviting the viewer to explore their local, regional and national environment from a completely different perspective.

Supported by text captions devised and written by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and additional pictures which reveal the stories behind the image, Britain from the Air represents an unmissable opportunity to learn about Britain as you've never seen it before. Spectacular saw-toothed coastlines, glittering city silhouettes and the luminous trajectories of waterways are just some of the fascinating forms and shapes that will be revealed as the audience is lifted from street level to sky high while exploring Britain's wondrous and varied landscapes.

A giant, large-scale walk on map of Britain offers visitors the unique opportunity to truly view Britain from above. Visitors can walk the length and breadth of the country in just a few seconds, literally walking over their home town and pinpointing the precise location of each of the 100 images from the exhibition.

Free to view and accessible 24 hours a day, this extraordinary outdoor exhibition offers the opportunity to visit again and again with friends and family.


Click below to view a short video on Britain from the Air

Click below to view a slideshow narrated by Dr. Rita Gardner, Director, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)


A message from The Immediate Past President of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

I am delighted, as the Immediate Past President of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), to offer my enthusiastic support for this exciting new joint project between the Society and WeCommunic8, combining the Society's leading geographical knowledge with WeCommunic8's expertise in street galleries.

The landscapes of Britain tell stories of our heritage, bring alive the beauty of our environment, and challenge us all to understand the changes taking place today in our towns and cities. All too often, chasing far away places, we forget just what beauty we have on our doorstep and just how rich and diverse a country we live in. I can think of no better time to celebrate Britain's built and natural landscapes. And the size and scale of Britain from the Air will, I'm sure, appeal to the widest possible audience in the most exciting and powerful way. The scale of the hundred huge images that make up this spectacular street gallery is breathtaking, and I very much hope it will one day travel to every major city in Britain.

Michael Palin CBE



Immediate Past President of The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)